For the last 30 years, I have been looking for keys to bring lasting freedom to people. God’s word says that we were designed to live at peace and joy. Our brains are innately wired for peace and joy.

My journey started with searching for healing from an eating disorder. God led me to many truths from various sources which I applied to my life and found complete freedom. Then I married a man with a sexual addiction. I continued to pursue modalities and tools for my husband to get free and my own continued healing from codependency and co-addiction.

Through everything, God has always been faithful to lead me to cutting edge ministry and counseling models. Many seemed helpful, but unfortunately did not offer him the manifested healing he sought that I and our marriage needed from him. In the end, my marriage didn’t survive the addiction, but I continued to pursue principles of healing in my own life and for my children.

“I don’t believe anything is incurable.”

Robin Perry Braun

I don’t believe anything is incurable. I lost my parents to disease that in retrospect, I believe naturopathic paradigms could have fully resolved, had they been willing to take them.

In 2010, I was led by the Lord to revisit the Law of Attraction and realized that these principles of quantum physics, which many Christians rejected as new age, were actually scientific truths, that at its core, aligned with scripture. Everywhere I turned, I was getting new understanding about energy medicine, quantum paradigms and the subconscious. Much of this, I had previously studied but it was like I had a new pair of glasses on to see it in a new way. The Lord gave me an understanding of frequency and vibration and how everything either raises or lowers our vibration.

In 2013, the Lord spoke to me, He said, “There is coming a time when it will be really important that people live at a higher vibration.” After receiving this revelation, I felt impressed that there would be greater darkness and/or health issues challenging the average person and understanding vibration would be of much greater importance.



Much of what I have seen, even in the church, are people struggling to survive. I see a great deal of depression, anxiety, OCD, obesity, addiction, cancer, divorce in the body of Christ. Jesus offers us something better than the world and yet I don’t see a large population living that. I believe revelation of body, soul and spirit transformation is a key to shifting this in the church. This book is an effort to give practical tips on how to transform body, soul and spirit to live a life of thriving.





Scripture says in Romans 8:19, “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.” God’s destiny for us is to live as sons. Yet most people have no idea what this means. Its not an intellectual revelation, it’s a journey of transformation. Sonship is a process. The world and much of the church has programmed us to be good slaves. Ultimately, when we have the frequency of sons, (Romans 14:17) we will make the highest impact on the world and our prayer “in one accord” will change the world.

We are in a battle today like no other time. A battle for our freedom, our nation, our mental, emotional and physical health and warfare against darkness trying to overtake our world. My hope is you will apply some of the principles in this book to gird you up to be a transformer, an overcomer and victorious in your part of this battle.






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