I started my doctorate in integrative medicine in April of 2017. I found an online university that had combined quantum physics principles (energy medicine) with alternative medicine. It was tailor-made for the journey the Lord had been taking me over the last 20 years. It was difficult to make the time, between, working full time on my practice, being a single mom and all that this entails, my plate was definitely full. 

Until now, I haven’t yet publicly announced that I completed my doctorate. Now that I have my Doctorate in Integrated Medicine, it doesn’t really change who I am or my knowledge or expertise from one day to the next. It’s still a little surreal, quite frankly.

Honestly, I took on this endeavor with some resistance. Less perhaps than past acts of obedience, as I have learned that God always has a reason. Ultimately, I knew it was what I needed in my toolbelt and the next step even though I have a philosophical resistance to attaining my credibility from education versus experience and God’s calling on my life. Nonetheless, (sigh) it is the way the world works.

One thing I learned after I finished my master’s degree is the subconscious reinforcement about credentials. I have always felt I had the knowledge and expertise and could explain my methodology clearly, but didn’t always have a sense that others had confidence in me. That was frustrating. 

While I fully understood the idea of sphere of influence/realm of authority or anointing,  there were several times in my life that I felt I was quite experienced to speak about all the knowledge and revelation I had studied and learned but not validated by the response I received from others. In some areas it was very different. 

When I finished the masters, I noticed a definite shift in the realm of influence I gained. It was snowball programming. Once I felt others validated me (because I had a degree), it made me feel more confident in my expertise, which made me seem more credible to others. Do you see the connection? As it relates to quantum physics, the law of attraction says, “we get what we believe” My negative belief was never about what I knew but that others would believe me. Once this began to shift, the insecurity went away (for the most part).





I am a firm believer that we must take the journey that God leads us to find our own revelation and truth. I never just take someone’s word for anything, I want data and facts – especially now in this insane world of spin, fake news and propaganda. In the same sense, I never want anyone to just do what I say or believe what I believe without me giving them facts as to why. I believe we should honor other people’s rights to believe what they believe. 

When someone is waking up to a new paradigm, I am right there to journey with them. Paradigm shifts are tough. Especially when we realized we may have been lied to (even if by well-intentioned people) It hurts the brain. However, a fundamental root to critical thinking is to always hold knowledge loosely and be humble enough to change what you believe given enough evidence. Until it is your personal belief, you won’t take any risks or make any changes for it.

So, as a few weeks ago, I guess I’m now “Dr. Robin” and with that I know God holds me even more accountable for what I say. I don’t take that lightly.

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