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October is Emotional Wellness Month. Join me for the next 6 days, as we discuss 7 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR MOOD! If you like to review yesterday’s blog you can click here.

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Now let’s get to the Day 2 tip!

Disclaimer: The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product recommendations in this blog are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. If you have any medical condition or taking any medications please discuss with your healthcare provider prior to implementing any recommendations.

Day 2 - Emotional Wellness Challenge: Take Supplements for Brain Health - Dr Robin Perry Braun


When it comes to health it’s often easier for people to think about eating healthier and exercising, which is extremely important, but our mental health is usually something as a society we tend to focus on the least. According to Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, over 50 Million adults suffer from various mental health issues. In this day and age, it is essential to our personal health and our relationships to make emotional wellness a priority. 

It first begins with awareness, understanding, and realization of your emotions then learning ways to manage them properly in challenging circumstances and stressful situations in your everyday life. Remember your brain feeds off of what you think on. And what you think on results in impacting your mood and how you feel. First, we must limit thoughts that trigger negative emotions, and substitute them with thoughts that lead to feelings of peace and joy. Then we start to implement a lifestyle of emotional wellness by looking for ways to create an atmosphere for your body, mind and spirit to thrive.

Many people think they can get enough nutrition in the food they eat. That may have been true 100 years ago but not today – at least not in the US. There are many reasons for this that would take a long time to go in depth, but unless you eat solely organic and non-gmo 100% of the time, a few factors to consider are that most of our fruits and vegetables we eat everyday have been grown and maintained with pesticides and are genetically modified. Which completely counteracts with the nutritional benefit we might have had a century ago. 

One of the best ways to address this nutritional deficit we have in America is to take supplements especially if you want to improve your mood.  If you do your research you will find there are many experts in neurology that recommend taking supplements to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and maintain overall brain health.  Trust the experts in knowing the areas where most people are deficit and look at some basic foundational supplements. 

Maintaining optimal brain health encompasses doing our due diligence with healthy diet and lifestyle, managing stress and taking supplements. Taking supplements can help promote brain health and aid with boosting your overall mood. That’s a win-win in my opinion!

Again, as with what I said in yesterday’s blog post about essential oils. I try not to take sides. While I do like particular companies and brands, I am not loyal to a particular brand. Every person’s body is different and requires different nutrition, and it’s all based on frequency – that is why I use individual muscle testing to find the right products for each individual.

Full disclosure, several of following supplements I recommend, I do have available for sale on my Integrated Life Strategies website. However, you do not have to buy them from me and there are many great products out there from other companies. The one’s I sell are ones that I have seen consistent outcomes and benefits, and test well for many of clients over the years. I sell them mostly as a matter of convenience for my clients than for any monetary gain.

Omega 3 Supplement

Every one tests differently when it comes to which brand of supplement to use. It’s because each supplement has its own frequency, and when doing a session I am looking for what their body needs at the time. So for instance, when I am in a session with a client, a supplement from one company and another different supplement from another brand tests as good for this client. Then in the following session with another client, it could be completely different supplements that this client is testing for.  

So you can see, each of the supplements have their own frequencies and which essential oil and from which company they need completely depends on what the the person testing for at that time. 

With that said, I typically will investigate and research any product line before adding the testing catalog based on several key factors:


  1. Quality standards 
  2. Use of organic and clean ingredients  
  3. Manufacturer business practices 
  4. Product lines that tests well for a multitude of clients
Now let’s dive into my Top 5 Mood Boosting Supplements for Brain Health
Taking a pill.

Top 5 Mood Boosting Supplements for Brain Health

  1. Probiotic – it is my opinion that everyone should be taking a probiotic or eating fermented foods. The pesticides that surround us are damaging to our gut microbiome and we cannot avoid their impact even if we eat organic. Remember the gut and brain are connected – you can’t have bad gut health and experience good brain health.Here is one I like: Premiere Research Labs Microbiome 18
  2. Multivitamin – not all multivitamins are created equal.  I believe it covers most bases and the Bs are methyl where appropriate. Our brain is complicated and delicate and a little malnutrition can affect many functions. This one often tests really well for a large majority of people: Pure Daily Build Multiple Vitamin – 2 month supply
  3. B Complex – Brain chemistry issues are rampant in our society. 75% of the people I test have weak adrenals and feel the impact of stress in their mental, emotional and physical health. Stress is a root of disease, so I can’t emphasize enough the critical importance of brain nutrition. 60-75 % of Americans have methyl issues (one meaning of this is they aren’t absorbing their folate or b12). I like this company and use a lot of their products because they consistently test well for people: Optimal Health Systems Methyl-B
  4. Omega 3s (fish or krill) – While plant based omegas are good, I consistently find people test better for fish or krill. Finding a good fish oil that is not rancid or mercury tainted means that you don’t just buy any old fish oil. It’s important to seek out ones that stake their reputation on the mercury free content, like this one: Premiere Research Labs EPA/DHA Marine Softgels
  5. Detox – I believe we must stay in a state of detox to live long healthy lives. We are so inundated with toxins every day and many do not know that our body is not eliminating them. While there are some great products on the market, I think taking a binder helps keep toxins from floating around inside our bodies. If combined with a mild detox product, it is possible we can clean up some of the junk trapped in our brain. It’s best to see a practitioner for the right detox for you – Contact me  for an appt.

Which supplements do you take? What are your favorite brands? When you consistently take your supplements, how do you feel versus when you don’t? 

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