Help Your Clients THRIVE Through COVID, Inflation, and Beyond...

Cutting-Edge Modalities That Traditional Coaching, Therapy, and Meditation Don't Address

Robin Perry Braun - THRIVE

Since Covid lockdowns, 40% of people report dealing with anxiety and depression, up from 10%.

NOW is the perfect time to offer our RootRelease healing program to your clients to complement the GREAT work you do empowering them.

Our team has helped people heal holistically for the past 30 years using Dr. Robin Perry Braun’s process. 

Combining quantum physics, naturopathy, and spiritual principles, ILS RootRelease fills in the gaps other processes leave out, raising our clients’ vibrational frequency and creating profound, lasting change in their lives.


  • 2x Revenue increase
  • Healed from sexual trauma
  • Reconciled with estranged family


  • Career advancement
  • Increased bandwidth and energy
  • Healed from chronic anxiety
  • Attracting relationships

Mary Beth

  • 5 Immune disorders improved
  • Peace and happiness
  • Recurring nightmares resolved 

Our Offer

We’re reaching out to several top thought leaders to promote our healing program to their clients starting December 2021.

The Top 3 partners with the most referrals from 12/1/21-1/1/22 will receive $10K+ value prizes.

For Every Referral, You Get...

$1500 per client who invests in our program (90 days, 1-on-1, $5k).

A more passionate, engaged follower for your business.

December 2021 Contest Prizes

1st Place: 90 days of 1-on-1 coaching with Dr. Robin Perry Braun, the creator of RootRelease ($12,000 value)

2nd Place: 90 days of 1-on-1 RootWork coaching with one of our trained/certified coaches ($5,000 value)

3rd Place: 1-week vacation at a resort of your choice out of 100+ available locations worldwide ($2,000 value)

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More Success Stories


  • Financial breakthrough
  • Multiple job promotions
  • Family success


  • PTSD healed


  • Higher energy levels
  • Decreased work-related stress
  • Subconscious blocks released


  • Increased client success
  • Mindset transformation

Thanks, and God Bless!

Talk Soon,

-Benaiah "Ben" Brown
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