Learn how to THRIVE instead of just surviving!

The US has one of the highest rates of addiction, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, obesity, and cancer in the world. We use more pharmaceuticals than any other nation per capita. These statistics do not look much different in the church, and yet the Bible says this should not be so. Many Christians simply don’t know how to apply Biblical principles of health for their body, soul and spirit in their daily lives. 

In her 30-year journey, Robin Perry Braun has uncovered many truths in science which align with Biblical Principles. Much of the church has labeled this science as “New Age”. This book is an effort to align science with scripture in practical, life-giving principles that, when applied, can take you from just surviving to Thriving and even to becoming a world-changer.

About the Author

Robin Perry Braun, MPsy, is one of the leading pioneers of integrated wellness in the Christian community, teaching individuals how to become the healthiest versions of themselves possible.

She is an ordained minister and certified Integrated Life Process Practitioner. She has developed her own certified modality and is training others globally in-person and virtually to practice this model.

She spent over 25 years educating herself in techniques that work to bring healing to body, soul and spirit. She is passionate about educating people in holistic wellness, understanding ourselves from a quantum energy perspective and learning how to live a life of thriving not just surviving.

She is the author of her new release THRIVE: Applying Biblical and Quantum Energy Principles to Live a Transformed Life. She also has authored three additional books: A Believer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction; 30 days to Peace and Joy; and Journey Through the Storm.

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Testimonials & Endorsements

Robin has received invaluable feedback from many leaders, individuals and clients about her books, teachings, and methodology to help those on their journey towards THRIVING instead of just surviving.

“I love how the book gives scientific information and aligns it with scripture. Really puts some teeth to “The Secret” and “The Bible” It takes a hard subject and makes it an easy read. It FINALLY makes sense! What I knew was true in my spirit I can now verbalize. The truths that have been used in the new age can now be aligned biblically to bring freedom and expansion. My tent pegs have been lengthened with the knowledge found in this book. Robin has been my therapist for years and has saved me, my marriage and my children and our lives were changed with this understanding. So glad she wrote it in a book format for easier referencing!”

 “Robin does a masterful job of weaving into a beautiful tapestry the understanding of quantum physics and how it brings together our body, soul, and spirit into wholeness under the umbrella of God’s goodness and kingdom. She not only makes a difficult subject understandable, but she also makes it very practical in our everyday lives. Her understanding and personal journey of inner healing will give hope and encouragement to anyone. I strongly encourage people to go with her on this journey of healing and long-term health.”

Round-Rock-Church-True-Life-Richard Neusch

Richard Neusch

True Life Church
Round Rock, Texas

“Robin Perry gives us insight into spaces and places that affect our daily lives yet most of us have no idea about them. If you have a burning desire to understand and see what few do then this book will be the thirst-quenching drink you have been looking for. “

“As I have been on my personal journey of learning more about Quantum Physics and how that applies to my life, I was introduced to Robin Perry Braun’s books. Her newest book Thrive opened my eyes even more to see how clearly God, the creator of the universe, so kindly revealed his purposes for what we would one day discover as Quantum Physics through His word. Her book challenged me, gave solid Biblical teaching and made me want to learn more. God’s plan is for us to all live in a way that we experience freedom, hope and joy, and Robin explains this brilliantly in her new book. I highly recommend this book for anyone who feels stuck in making the progress they desire or isn’t living the life they want to live. I believe this book will give you answers and set you on the path towards freedom!”